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Downtown in 2013!

Good afternoon – happy Friday, and happy New Year!

It’s looking like 2013 is going to be an exceptional year for Downtown Redwood City. I want to take this opportunity to remind you about Downtown parking, businesses, and construction – you’re going to see a lot taking shape this year!

First, remember that Theatre Way is open to vehicles weekdays after 3 pm and all weekend (always open to pedestrians). I encourage you to visit all of our wonderful Downtown businesses – they’re open during the construction on Middlefield Road/Winslow Street, and there’s plenty of easy parking in the Jefferson and Marshall garages, Main Street lot, and Sequoia Station garage, as well as in the Middlefield Road parking lot (enter from Jefferson side only).

And speaking of the Middlefield lot – as you may have seen, about 10% of the spaces are gone due to construction, but there are still about 200 there. This spring, when work starts on the Redwood Tower project right on that site, all of those spaces will be lost to construction. Once that project is complete, an equivalent number of spaces will be provided as part of the development (and even more spaces, for evening and weekend public use). The developer is working with the City on plans to accommodate public parking during construction.

In addition to Redwood Tower, you’re already seeing a lot of Downtown (and near-Downtown) construction, a lot of which is residential – with more to come (see the news release). This construction boom is going to take full flight in 2013, and while the new residential units, offices, and retail are good for the City, the construction impacts as the work takes place can be significant. As the projects get going, there will be periodic lane closures and detours, construction noise and dust, and heavy equipment in the vicinity. The City will work closely with the developers and contractors to minimize the disruption, but I’m sure you’ll understand that some level of inconvenience at and near these locations is unavoidable.

Here’s a link to the 2012 Redwood City Downtown Business Directory published by Spectrum Magazine. It’s a large file, but it is absolutely full of great information – it’s your guide to Downtown Business, so be sure to bookmark it!

And again, please support all our Downtown businesses, including these that are in the immediate area of this ongoing construction work:


~ malcolm


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