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Culvert Project Concrete Pour This Friday Feb 1

Good morning –

As many of you know, the City is relocating an underground storm culvert on Middlefield Road/Winslow Street (near Theatre Way) as the first phase of work to prepare the way for this spring’s construction of Redwood Tower, a mid-rise building for office and retail, which will be built on the site of the Middlefield parking lot (see the Redwood Tower web page).

I wanted to let you know of a  major construction milestone that’s taking place – a significant concrete delivery is schedule for this Friday, February 1, which may impact traffic in the vicinity.

The concrete pour (to lay the floor and “stem” walls of the very large underground culvert) will begin mobilizing at 5:30 am. By 6:30 am, there will be a regular procession of mixer trucks coming through the site to offload their concrete. The trucks will enter the Middlefield Road work site from the Jefferson side, go inside the construction fencing, pump out their concrete, and exit from the other end of the fenced site, onto Winslow, then out from there.

A total of 330 cubic yards of concrete will be delivered, at about 72 cubic yards per hour (each truck holds 9 cubic yards). That’s about eight trucks coming through per hour, for five or six hours. If all goes well the pour should finish up early Friday afternoon. A similar concrete pour will take place in mid-to-late March, for the walls and roof of the culvert, and the City will advise motorists once we have a more firm schedule.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution if driving in the area of Jefferson/Middlefield, and Winslow/Broadway, be aware of the truck traffic, and be sure to observe any special traffic signage or construction crew traffic direction.
The City would like to thank the nearby businesses for their patience and understanding, and encourage the community to be sure to visit and patronize our Downtown businesses. Please see the Redwood Tower information page at for information on the project, parking, scheduling, and more.


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