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Police Announce Enhanced School Safety Plan

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I’m sure you’ll be interested in reading the news release below, regarding our police and fire department’s enhanced school safety plan. In light of recent events, this is something that is very important for our entire community.


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For Immediate Release
February 4, 2013

JR Gamez
Redwood City Police Chief

Redwood City Police Department Announces Enhanced School Safety Plan

Redwood City, CA-February 4, 2013-The Redwood City Police and Fire Departments announced today an enhanced school safety plan for Redwood City schools.

Weeks prior to several tragic school shootings that have occurred throughout the country, the Redwood City Police Department began devising a new strategy to better safeguard our city’s school campuses. The regrettable events that have garnered national attention act as a reminder of the importance and priority that such preparedness planning deserves.

Consequently, the Police Department remains resolute in effectively implementing a comprehensive multi-phasic preparedness plan that will include the collaborative training of school staff and culminate in a large scale preparedness exercise involving the Redwood City Police and Fire Departments, school staff, and other stakeholder agencies. Our department is committed to implementing this plan and undertaking this exercise within this year. The specific components of this plan include:

  • On-site safety lectures presented to the staff of all school sites by departmental subject-matter experts.
  • This training commonly referred to as Code Red or the Campus Lockdown Protocol will instruct all school staff members on how to immediately respond to campus threats as they await the response of police officers
  • A drill will be facilitated by departmental personnel during which the learning points of the lecture will be demonstrated and ultimately employed by school staff
  • The Department will refine existing departmental emergency response contingency plans and training levels to bolster its ability to respond effectively to extraordinary tactical events, such as those that may occur on school campuses and large business complexes

The Department will collaborate to develop synchronized response plans in conjunction with the Redwood City Fire Department and other identified stakeholders such as local hospitals and public safety agencies in neighboring cities.

Completed plans will incorporate the successful execution of an all-inclusive tactical exercise that will be held on a school campus during 2013.

In addition to preparing for such extraordinary events, The Redwood City Police Department is committed to examining all opportunities for the prevention of campus-based violence. Accordingly, the Department is undertaking the following steps to protect our youngest, most defenseless children in our middle and elementary schools:

  • Redwood City Police Officials will be meeting with all school sites in the City to review security plans and make any needed additional recommendations.
  • Redwood City Dayshift Patrol Officers will meet with the administrators of each elementary and middle school in their respective patrol beats to establish a good working relationship with the school administrators.
  • Redwood City Dayshift Patrol Officers will conduct a walk-through of each elementary school in the respective patrol beats in order to become familiar with the school layout to more quickly and effectively respond in an emergency. This will also allow officers to gain a better working knowledge of the school schedules and become familiar with the school grounds and surrounding areas.
  • When call volume permits, Redwood City Police Dayshift Patrol Officers will stop by each elementary school in their respective patrol beats at least one time during each school day in order to more proactively ensure school safety.

These collaborative measures will afford us the greatest opportunity to reduce the potential threats to our school-aged youth and educational professionals. At the same time, optimization of our existing response protocols and preparedness will serve us well in minimizing the threat to life during these type of events.

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