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Two Easy Tools for Emergency Preparation

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Disaster preparedness is something that everyone should think about, for the protection of their family and home. Here are a couple of tools that offer some basics for making sure you are prepared – a two-hour Are You Ready disaster prep presentation that’s available for your group; and Redwood City’s CodeRED emergency notification system.


Are You Ready?

You can schedule a free two-hour Are You Ready disaster preparation class for your own group, neighborhood, office, business, or team (minimum of 20 people), on your schedule, provided by the Redwood City Fire Department. The presentation will provide valuable and very useful information on topics such as:

  • Creating a family/office disaster plan
  • Assembling home/office and portable disaster supply kit
  • Sheltering in place
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Preparing for and responding to specific disasters

In all places, home, work or school, it pays to be ready and prepared to deal with all types of natural and man-made disasters. Here on the Peninsula, we are subject to power outages, earthquakes, fires, floods, severe storms, extreme heat, gas leaks, plane crashes, disease and/or flu pandemics, and a host of other possible situations. The potential for an act of terror adds yet another dimension to disaster awareness and preparedness. When a disaster happens and police, fire and emergency services are spread thin, will you be prepared to care for yourself, family, friends and neighbors?


The Redwood City Fire Department offers training at the Fire Station or at your own preferred location, to neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and community groups of 20 or more.


Schedule a FREE presentation for your group. Please contact: Redwood City Fire Department Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Christy Adonis at (650) 780-5798

And, it’s equally important to be sure you get notified when an emergency situation occurs in your neighborhood or area.


CodeRED is Redwood City’s emergency notification system which allows us to telephone (and text and email) targeted areas or neighborhoods, or the entire City in the event of an emergency situation, and deliver a pre-recorded message.


You can have the system include your cell phone, work phone (even if out of the area), or other alternate number, plus email and text, so you are sure to be called when a CodeRED alert is activated in the area of your home or business.


The database already contains many thousands of numbers, connected to Redwood City addresses, but you should go to to ensure you’re in there, and that the information is up to date.


For more information about disaster preparation, please visit



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