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Support Group for Your Kids’ Reading/Writing Issues

Good morning  – please take a look at the info below, it’s a support group meeting for parents and caregivers who are concerned with their children’s progress in reading and writing. It’s offered by the Special Education PTA of the Redwood City School District (SEPTAR).



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Worried About Your Child’s Progress in Reading and Writing?  Support Group!  

Struggles with reading are extremely common. More than 17% of students in K-2nd grade struggle with reading acquisition. However, with early identification (before 3rd grade), more than 80% of struggling readers can overcome their struggles and read at grade level. Parents are their children’s best advocates. Join other parents in sharing ideas to better help your child become a proficient readers.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 to 8:30 pm in Redwood City

(location provided upon your RSVP)


* Share your child’s successes and challenges * Share ideas and resources for helping struggling readers and writers * Raise your most pressing unanswered questions about your child’s progress There is no charge. To reserve a space and receive directions to the support group, email


Sponsored by SEPTAR, the Special Education PTA of the Redwood City School District.



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