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City Adopts Reusable Bag Ordinance – Implementation is 10/1/13

Good morning – I wanted to let you know that at last night’s City Council meeting (March 25), Redwood City’s reusable bag ordinance was unanimously approved. This was the “second reading” of the ordinance, and follows the introduction of the ordinance which took place at the March 11 meeting.

As most of you know, this ordinance bans distribution of single-use carryout plastic bags by all retailers except restaurants and nonprofits (not including protective bags for produce or meat, dry-cleaning, and newspapers, among other exemptions), and requires retailers to charge a minimum of 10¢ per paper bag used (25¢ as of 2015). Enforcement will be complaint-based, and conducted by San Mateo County. More details are on the City’s reusable bag ordinance information page and on the County’s information page at

While technically the ordinance becomes effective in 30 days, the actual implementation and enforcement of the ordinance is scheduled for October 1, 2013. This is to provide an ample transition period for affected retailers to use-up existing stock of the single-use carryout plastic bags that will no longer be distributed as of October 1.


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