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Woodside Rd/El Camino Interchange Area Cleanup

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I’m sure many of you have seen the cleanup of the landscaping area around the Woodside Road/El Camino Real interchange area. Here’s  a quick overview.
This is part of an agreement reached last year with Caltrans for Redwood City to implement a project to clean up and maintain Woodside Road (State Route 84) from Broadway to Cypress Street, including the Woodside Road/El Camino Real interchange. Among the elements of the maintenance agreement are removal of litter and debris from the roadside and the landscaped areas including the median, street sweeping, weed control, and tree and vegetation maintenance.
Late last year the City awarded a $350,000 contract for the initial cleanup portion of the  project, paid for with the City’s Capital Improvement Project funds. The  work began in early February, and will continue through  April.
This initial portion of the project tackles the cleanup of one of the major gateways into Redwood City, which unfortunately has received little attention from Caltrans over the years.
The general scope of the initial cleanup work includes:

  • clearing the roadway and landscape area of debris, litter, weeds, and dead vegetation;
  • improving the visibility into roadway shoulders and adjacent landscaping areas by pruning tree canopies;
  • removal of invasive species and preservation of native species of vegetation.

This work will leave a simpler, more drought-tolerant landscape, offering easier and more efficient maintenance.

Once the initial work is completed by the City’s contractor, City staff will assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance. The City will also be exploring and assessing future projects as part of the agreement with Caltrans to further improve the area.


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