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City Council Adopts Climate Action Plan

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I’m happy to let you know that last night the City Council adopted the Redwood City Climate Action Plan – the news release below outlines the details, and you can see the Climate Action Plan at


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For Immediate Release
April 23, 2013

Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager

City Council Adopts Climate Action Plan
Redwood City, CA – At its April 22, 2013 meeting, the City Council of Redwood City  unanimously adopted the City’s Climate Action Plan, which includes 15  key measures to help the City meet the state-recommended target  reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The City’s Climate Action  Plan is online at

Implementation   of many of the measures has already begun as a result of state  mandates, adopted General Plan policies and programs, and previous City Council direction. Now, with the official adoption of the Redwood City Climate Action Plan, the City formalizes its commitment to California’s   Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, and establishes a clear roadmap for the City’s activities in meeting climate protection goals by 2020, and beyond. The Plan includes actions in the areas of renewable energy, smart  growth development, residential, commercial, and City energy efficiency  programs, solid waste diversion, water conservation, parking management policies, and others.

It’s very important that the City lead by example,” said Council Member Ian Bain, who sits on the Council’s Environmental Initiatives Subcommittee. “There   are big benefits to energy efficiency — not only for the environment,   but financially as well.  As we find ways to reduce ongoing energy  costs, that’s money we can re-direct to other vital City programs. We’re   showing the community that we’re committed to this cause, and we ask  for their commitment as well.

The   City will be carrying out the measures in its Climate Action Plan  toward complying with state regulations, which encourage local  governments to reduce emissions in their jurisdictions to 15 percent  below 2005 levels by 2020.  According to Redwood City’s GHG inventories and forecast, by the end of 2020 an   annual reduction of nearly 62,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide  emissions would need to be accomplished throughout the community in  order to achieve the state recommended target reductions.    The measures contained in the City’s Plan are actually expected to  exceed that goal by 2020, with a total annual reduction of an estimated 63,500 metric tons.

This   Plan builds on the work that the City and community members have been doing to ensure the quality of life in the future, and moves us to the next step,” said City Council Member Barbara Pierce, also on the Environmental Initiatives Subcommittee. “The   City and the people who live and work here are partners in this  important effort and Redwood City now has the tools to really make this partnership work.

As   part of implementation of the Climate Action Plan, City staff will  monitor community greenhouse gas emissions, complete GHG inventories,  evaluate progress, and identify new measures as necessary to ensure  significant reductions in GHG emissions are being achieved in accordance   with the targets established in the Plan. An initial task is for staff   to conduct cost-benefit analyses of measures, including the best methods  for implementation and the impacts on the community, and bring recommendations for implementation back to the City Council for review.

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