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Ride Along With Redwood City Police Via Twitter

Good morning, and happy Friday to you!

Here’s a really interesting piece of information – our police department just continues to provide innovative ways to connect and learn! The latest is a “Virtual Ride Along” via Twitter. Take a look at the info below, and then join in on June 7.


~ malcolm



The Redwood City Police Department is Hosting a

“Virtual Ride Along” on Twitter

Redwood City, CA — Do you want to spend a Friday night patrolling the streets with an officer from the Redwood City Police Department? If you’re on Twitter, you’re going to get a chance to do just that.
The Redwood City Police Department will be hitting the beat for its first-ever “virtual ride-along” via Twitter!

  • Friday, June 7th, 2013 2 pm until 10 pm Twitter feed:   @Redwoodcitypd  

A member of our Social Media team will be riding with Officer Ryan Adler and live-tweeting calls for service, crimes in progress, arrests, vehicle accidents, and anything else that may come up during the course of the officer’s shift on the official Department Twitter account, @Redwoodcitypd.

The goal of the “virtual ride-along” is to give our community insight into the realities of law enforcement in Redwood City. Tweets may include pictures and videos as appropriate.
All tweets will include the hashtag “RCPDvra” for “Redwood City Police Department virtual ride-along.” Twitter users can ask us questions during the ride-along by using the hashtag or mentioning us. We will answer questions as time allows. We estimate sending between 50 and 150 tweets during the eight-hour ride-along, depending on the volume of calls for service and the level of engagement with the public.
The Redwood City Police Department launched all of its social media platforms in June 2011. Since then, our Twitter account has gained more than 2,300 followers and our Facebook page has gained more than 1300 “likes.” Links to all of our social media platforms can be found online or via our webpage at

Contact Information: Officer Chris Rasmussen 650-780-7100


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