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This Summer…Change Someone’s Life by Volunteering with Project READ

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Here is a wonderful opportunity to become a volunteer who will change someone’s life – Project READ brings literacy to the community through matching tutors with learners. The need is great, and you’ll find this to be a most gratifying volunteer experience. Please read the news release below, and consider volunteering with Redwood City Project READ.



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For Immediate Release
June 4, 2013

Kathy Endaya, Executive Director Redwood City Project READ
(650) 780-7077

Redwood City Project READ Connects Tutors with Learners, Bringing Literacy to Our Community

Volunteers are at the core of this successful program


Redwood City, CA – With a remarkable track record of success, Redwood City Project READ is  gearing up to accept a new corps of volunteers to support literacy and  learning in Redwood City. Project READ’s inter-generational tutoring  programs bring literacy and the love of reading to adults, youth, and  families, from all walks of life throughout the Redwood City community. Today, the need continues to grow and so Project READ is seeking new  volunteers to participate in short training sessions, be paired with a  learner, and experience the fulfillment and enjoyment of contributing to   literacy in Redwood City.
With a sizeable waiting  list of people eager to learn, now is a great time for volunteers to get  involved in making a real difference in someone’s life by becoming a  Project READ tutor.


The   Project READ volunteer tutors work one-on-one, or with a small group, for just a few hours a week, helping learners attain their personal  educational goals. Tutors work with learners in a relaxed and supportive   environment, providing a source of inspiration and hope, and instilling  a lifelong love of learning. Tutoring sessions are individualized and  designed to meet the needs of learners to improve their skills, learn,  and achieve their goals. Anyone with an interest in helping others learn  to read is invited and encouraged to learn more at, or call 650-780-7077.


“Our Project READ volunteers are highly valued and appreciated,” said Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre. “Every  day they are opening the door to literacy and helping learners develop  reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, enriching and changing  people’s lives. I urge our community members to volunteer to be part of  this remarkable process.”


Volunteer tutors  do not need special background or experience, only the desire to help  others and a willingness to participate in a fun, hands-on, interactive, and engaging tutor training/program orientation. Tutors range from junior high school to seniors, and they frequently report that   one of the most satisfying aspects of the program is being able to get   to know their learner and enjoy mutual learning experiences. Training sessions take place this summer, so any interested community members are  encouraged to call Project READ today. See for the training schedule and details.


Redwood City Project READ is  a library-based nonprofit organization providing tutoring and other  enrichment services dedicated to ending illiteracy in Redwood City by  2020 through intergenerational literary services. Project READ is  closely tied to our local schools. It offers multiple programs to meet  the diverse needs and reading levels of adults, adolescents, and  families in Redwood City, focusing on reading, writing, and critical  thinking skills.

Visit Redwood City’s award-winning website at for information about the City and its services, the community,   recreation programs, education, and local business. Subscribe to Redwood City’s email newsletter and other City documents by visiting


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