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PCRC Panel Discussion – Community Mediation, Facilitation

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Redwood City works with the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) for mediation, facilitation, and other efforts related to youth, families, and neighbors. I wanted to let you know that PCRC is holding a “Mediation and Facilitation Community Briefing” on June 13 which may interest you. This is a panel discussion which includes Redwood City’s Police Chief JR Gamez, as well as others who will share their insight and experience in the area of community mediation and related issues. Please read below for the details, and consider attending.


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Sara Randazzo

Mediation/Facilitation Community Briefing
The Outcome is in Your Hands

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center will present a thought-provoking panel discussion exploring how “The Outcome is in Your Hands” when it comes to managing conflicts, on June 13 at Franklin Templeton Investments in San Mateo. This is the second of four community briefing panel discussions that highlight the expanded strategy of PCRC, who for 25 years has helped neighbors, businesses, and governments work out decisions that benefit all parties.

June 13, 2013
4:00 PM Registration & Networking
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM Program
Franklin Templeton Investments
1 Franklin Parkway, San Mateo

$25 contribution 

Register online.
In this briefing, attendees will learn how mediation and facilitation restore power to the parties to efficiently resolve disputes, improve communication and repair relationships in a variety of settings, as well as ways to utilize and advocate for this alternative.

Panelists for the June 13 briefing are:

  • Anne Bers, Director of Mediation/Facilitation Services for PCRC and expert in the field of Community Mediation and Facilitation and the diverse ways they can be applied.
  • David Cherniss, a long-time partner and Managing Attorney for Juvenile Mediation Programs & Probate Court Investigations for San Mateo County Superior Court and leader in Mediation in the Juvenile Justice System and beyond.
  • JR Gamez, Chief of the award-winning Redwood City Police Department, who will highlight the number of ways local law enforcement and cities benefit from Mediation and Facilitation.
  • Janet Martinez, Director of the Gould Negotiation & Mediation Program at Stanford Law School, is an international and domestic expert in conflict resolution system design, bringing delegates from around the world to PCRC.
Sheila Purcell, Director and Clinical Professor of Law at the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution UC Hastings College of the Law and former ADR Director for San Mateo County Superior Court, will moderate the discussion.  Sheila is a past member of PCRC’s Board of Directors and currently sits on its Advisory Council.

This is the second of four community briefings. The final two briefings will be:

Empowering Youth – September 12
Engaging Communities – November 14

The mission of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center is to foster collaborative engagement by bringing people together, facilitating conversation, and building these skills in our community.  PCRC’s community-building work and all current programs are wrapped into three overarching initiatives: Engaging Communities, Empowering Youth and Strengthening Families.  These initiatives are supported by the organization’s core services in mediation, facilitation and training.

  • The Engaging Communities Initiative brings together the ideas and voices of all people in our communities and creates opportunities for each of us to have a say in the decisions that affect our lives.
  • The Strengthening Families Initiative assists parents in utilizing community services, maintaining family relationships, supporting their children’s education and building their leadership skills.
  • The Empowering Youth Initiative creates opportunities for young people to be ready to live, learn and contribute to their communities.
Visit: for more details about each session and to learn about becoming a sponsor. To find out more about PCRC, contact Sara Randazzo at or 650-513-0330 ext. 305

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