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Redwood City Kids Invited to Join the “Name the New Fireboat” Contest!

Good afternoon –

Good afternoon –

The Redwood City Fire Department is getting a brand new fireboat – and of course every boat needs a name. So, the kids of our community, ages 5 to 13, are invited to join the “Name Redwood City’s New Fireboat” contest and offer their ideas for what to call this important and exciting new piece of firefighting equipment!

The top 10 entries, including the final winner, will receive Target gift cards, and will be honored and congratulated during a special event at the Port of Redwood City on August 10, where the winning name will be unveiled. All winners will also get their picture taken with the new fireboat, and get the chance to go onboard and see what it’s all about. What an honor it will be for the winning contestant to have her or his selected name painted on the bow of Redwood City’s new MetalCraft Marine FireStorm 36 fireboat!

“Name Redwood City’s New Fireboat” Contest!

  • Entry deadline: 5 pm, Friday      July 12, 2013
  • Enter online at or pick up/drop off entry forms at City Hall, 1017 Middlefield Road, or at any Redwood City Library branch
  • Contest open to children ages 5 – 13 only; contestants must have a Redwood City address
  • Multiple entries may be submitted on separate entry forms

What’s the best name for Redwood City’s new fireboat? It’s up to Redwood City’s kids to provide some fantastic names, and also to tell us in 25 words or less why they think their entry is the best name for the new boat. The Top 10 winners will be notified by July 21, and the entire community will be invited to the event on August 10 to share the fun as the name of this brand new fireboat is unveiled.

The new fireboat is in final assembly right now in the New York area, and its nearly $1 million cost was entirely funded with a federal Homeland Security Port Security Grant. Soon it will be brought cross-country to Redwood City, where it will reside at the Port of Redwood City. A number of our Fire Department staff will be receiving extensive training in the operation of all aspects of this great new firefighting tool. This fireboat will provide the ability to respond to emergencies in all weather conditions; use technology to locate vessels in distress; and enhance firefighting capabilities both on the shoreline and on the water – a much-needed addition to the Redwood City Fire Department. Plus, Redwood City’s new boat will be available for mutual aid response to emergencies in other communities on the bay, thus enhancing the overall safety and disaster preparedness for the region.

This specialized “built-to-order” MetalCraft Marine FireStorm 36 is a 36-foot boat (39-feet including front bumper), equipped with two water pumps and other firefighting equipment, and twin 490-horsepower diesel engines for a top speed of 43 miles per hour and great maneuverability. It’s full of electronics, communications, and everything needed to perform its important functions to help protect the community.

All youth ages 5 – 13 are encouraged to enter the “Name Redwood City’s New Fireboat” contest! They can go online to or visit City Hall or any library for the entry form.


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