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Apply for Seat on Historic Resources Advisory Committee

Good morning –

I want to let you know about a great opportunity to serve your community!

There’s a seat available on Redwood City’s Historic Resources Advisory Committee, to be appointed by the Planning Commission. Take a look at  or call 650-780-7220 for the details and application, but in the meantime this seat has some specific elements that you’ll want to review:
The Historic Resources Advisory Committee consists of five members who shall be appointed from, but not limited to, such professions, disciplines and interests as:

  • members of the Redwood City Heritage Association and other preservation related organizations
  • licensed architects and structural engineers
  • urban planners and landscape architects
  • attorneys and real estate experts
  • members of community groups and residents within historic districts, occupants of historic landmarks, and owners of historic sites
  • The seat will be appointed by the Planning Commission and will expire on July 31, 2016

Not less than four members shall, at the time of their appointment and continuously during their incumbency, be residents and electors of the City. This means that you may be considered for the seat even if you live outside the City limits.
The application deadline is 5 pm, Thursday, July 18.
Serving on a City advisory committees is an important way to offer new perspectives and ideas, and contribute to the City’s discussions and decisions on a variety of substantial matters. Members of such a committee serve an essential function in helping to manage the significant issues our community faces – and being appointed requires a commitment to carrying out the responsibilities of serving. Applicants’ ability to build consensus, their willingness to offer thoughtful, productive recommendations, and their motivation to be prepared, informed, and engaged in their board’s work are all critical factors contributing to being appointed to a committee.
Visit or call 650-780-7220 for more information.


~ malcolm


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