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New Mobile App for Downtown Redwood City Parking

Good morning – here’s info on a great new pilot program that I think you’ll find very useful.

It’s called Parker by Streetline, and it will show you real-time availability of on-street parking spaces in a pilot program area in Downtown Redwood City. Read below for the details – scan the QR code below…

parker qr

and you can just go to the app store on your android or apple phone, search for Parker App and install!  The Parker smartphone icon looks like this:

parker app


~ malcolm


Pilot Program Implemented – Smartphone App for Easier Downtown Parking

Redwood City, CA – Starting today, Redwood City is implementing a pilot program to make it easier for motorists to find available on-street parking Downtown – it’s a smartphone application/online mapping system called “Parker” by a company called Streetline. The City is testing this app for a three-month trial period to see whether it makes it easier to find parking in Downtown.

This parking guidance application provides a real-time display of on-street parking availability, as well as information on location, rates, and hours for Downtown lots and garages. The app utilizes information from sensors embedded in the street parking spaces which detect the presence of a vehicle. The app is available free by visiting The implementation is being provided by Streetline as a pilot program in order to determine its effectiveness.

The pilot program is focused on Broadway between Main and Marshall, and on Jefferson Avenue between Middlefield and Marshall, comprising approximately 100 on-street parking spaces. This particular area was chosen for the pilot program because it includes a strong mix of retail, restaurant and office uses, as well as being an increasingly challenging area to park, especially given the increasing Downtown construction, growing economic activity, and more people visiting, working, and enjoying Downtown.

With everything going on Downtown, we want to make it easier for motorists to find spaces,” said Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre. “We’re trying the Parker app pilot program to see how it might provide better service to our community.”

In addition to an easy-to-use search and visual map similar to GPS and in-car navigation systems, Parker includes a hands-free option that provides an audible cue when available parking is nearby. Other Parker app features include:

  • Real time availability of the selected on-street parking spaces
  • Toggle between availability and price
  • Easy access to rates, hours, and time limits for selected on-street spaces and off-street parking facilities
  • Enter an address or search by points of interest, and view parking options nearest to that destination
  • Mark  areas on the Parker map to keep track of where a car is parked and later get guidance back to the car, and save parking history data for easy access later

The City will evaluate this pilot program after three months and determine how well-used it becomes and whether it is meeting the needs of motorists, how useful the resulting parking data may be to the City for future decision-making, and if it simply helps to improve the Downtown parking experience. At that point the City can decide whether to continue the program, and determine how it may be funded.

Streetline is thrilled to partner with the City of Redwood City and bring smart parking technology to another Peninsula city,” said Zia Yusuf, CEO of Streetline. “Using mobile parking guidance, visitors to downtown Redwood City will be able to more easily enjoy all the city has to offer.

Merchants can also gain the benefits of parking guidance with Streetline’s ParkerMap ( ). The ParkerMap is a free, embeddable map available for merchant websites that displays available on-and off-street parking near a specified address. The City has added the ParkerMap to its Parking web page. More information on Streetline is online at

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