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Info from MTC on Possible BART Strike



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As you may know, Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre sits on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and she received this info from that agency concerning the possible BART strike. The Mayor suggested that we send this out to our community, as no doubt many of you will be affected if the BART workers do indeed go on strike. Please read below.




Commuters Urged to Plan Ahead in Event of BART Strike is Bay Area’s One-Stop Shop for Travel Information

With the possibility of BART trains coming to a halt as early as July 1 due to labor contracts that expire at midnight June 30, Bay Area transportation officials are urging commuters to review their contingency plans for getting to and from work. Thousands more vehicles than usual are expected to crowd onto streets, highways and bridges if there is a work stoppage at BART. Commuters are advised to avoid peak driving periods by working at home if possible (or traveling earlier or later than usual), form a carpool or try casual carpooling, or take an alternative transit service.

In the event of a disruption to BART service, other transit providers may be able to adjust their services where possible. But any such adjustments would replace only a small portion of BART’s passenger-carrying capacity.

The Bay Area’s 511 traveler information system – available 24/7 on the Web at or on the phone by dialing 511 – provides a comprehensive, one-stop resource for evaluating travel alternatives. A special BART strike page at includes updates on BART’s service status, alternative transit and ridesharing options, real-time traffic and transit information, and other trip-planning tools. Commuters who are looking for casual carpool pickup locations, parking options for ridesharing or riding transit, or current traffic conditions and driving times should check the 511 Traffic page, which will feature a special section on BART strike commute options.

The popular 511 Transit Trip Planner offers the ability to plan door-to-door transit trips that include or exclude BART. In addition to the 511 Transit Trip Planner, offers a RideMatch Service to help commuters instantly find a short-term or long-term carpool match.

The website provides tips to help business owners and employers develop alternative commute options for their workers to reduce the impact of a BART service disruption. 511 Employer Services representatives can provide free consultations to help employers develop contingency plans such as tele-work or carpool support, or will refer employers to representatives in each county. To arrange a consultation, simply call 511 and say “Rideshare.”

MTC is the transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, and operates the region’s 511 traveler information system.


John Goodwin – 510.817.5862
Randy Rentschle – 510.817.5780



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