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4th of July, Passport Office, Mattress Recycling

Good morning – another Friday already? This week I’ve already sent you lots of info about events and activities, so I’m sure you’ll all be out-and-about as we head into the weekend, and then of course the 4th of July holiday.
As a reminder, you can get all the 4th of July info about the parade, festival, carnival, car show, pancake breakfast, ParadeRun, and fireworks on the City’s website.
On a completely different subject…I also want to let you know that the mattress disposal rate at Shoreway Environmental Center has been lowered, from $19 to $14 each for a mattress or box spring (any size) – this was done by the South Bayside Waste Management Authority (also known as RethinkWaste) as one way to reduce the illegal dumping of old mattresses by making it more economical for residents to bring them to Shoreway. More details are online.
And finally, Redwood City’s Passport Acceptance Office (in the City Clerk’s office here at City Hall) is going to add an “Appointment” option for your convenience.
The City Clerk Department of Redwood City is a designated United States Passport Acceptance Office, where anyone can pick up and drop off their passport application or renewal paperwork. This convenient, bilingual service is located at City Hall in Redwood City, and is currently open only for drop-in service, on Mondays from 1 – 4 pm, and Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9 am – 4 pm.
To better serve the community, this office will soon offer the option for customers to make Monday appointments, while still providing the convenience of drop-in service on other days.
Starting Monday, August 5, 2013 the City Clerk’s Passport Acceptance Office new hours will be:

  • By appointment only: Mondays – 1 – 4 pm
  • For drop-in only: Tuesdays & Wednesdays – 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Customers may call 650-780-7220 to schedule a Monday appointment, or feel free to drop-in during the specified hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

By offering both appointments and drop-in service,  the new schedule will make it even more convenient for people when they need to get the necessary paperwork or drop off their application or renewal, and payment.The City Clerk’s website is,

~ malcolm


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