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Community “Visioning” Process for Inner Harbor Specific Plan

Good morning – Please see the news release below, regarding the community “visioning” process being undertaken as part of the Inner Harbor Specific Plan. Note that the Inner Harbor Plan Task Force meetings are open to the public, and you’re encouraged to attend and participate!Thanks,

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For Immediate ReleaseJuly 1, 2013

Bill Ekern
Community Development Director

Community-Based “Visioning” Process Underway for Inner Harbor Plan; Task Force Meetings Scheduled for July

Redwood  City, CA – The City and the community have embarked on a strategic  “visioning” process for the Inner Harbor area, which will lead to the  creation of an Inner Harbor Specific Plan. That Plan will provide a  “blueprint” for the future of the Inner Harbor Area (located on the bay  side of US 101 between Docktown and the Malibu Grand Prix Raceway, and  north-east to the edge of the existing businesses in the Seaport Centre  area – see map).   Not since the City’s Downtown Precise Plan, has there been such an  opportunity to make an impact on the City’s landscape and future  development.

The  Inner Harbor Plan Task Force held its first meeting on June 13, and  encourages any interested members of the community to join in this  important process. The next two meetings of the Task Force are:

  • Tuesday, July 9, 7 pm
  • Tuesday, July 23, 7 pm

Both meetings will take place at the Seaport Conference Center, 459 Seaport Court in Redwood City.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Redwood City” said Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre. “By  participating in the effort to help envision the future of the Inner  Harbor, community members have a remarkable chance to contribute toward  shaping this regionally-significant area. We want the Inner Harbor Plan  to be a model of partnership and inclusive, thoughtful planning, and the  possibilities are endless.” More information on the Inner Harbor Plan Task Force is online at, including meeting agendas, updates, and schedules.

The Inner Harbor Plan Task Force is a group of stakeholders  appointed by the Mayor, representing the various interests involved in  the future of this area – public and private property owners,  residential, business, recreational, and environmental. All Task Force  meetings are public, and subject to State open-meeting laws.
The   group will meet regularly to provide ongoing input to the City and  advice and review of the draft Plan materials, as well as sharing  information with and seeking input from their constituencies. It’s  anticipated that over the next 12 months, the group will meet up to 8  times, with 4 – 6 of those taking place in this calendar year, initially   focusing on development of plan alternatives. At least one  all-community workshop will be held and the final two meetings, expected   in spring of 2014, will center on confirmation of the draft plan in  advance of public hearings with the Planning Commission and City  Council. The Task Force is expected to discuss and set its overall  schedule during the next two meetings.
The end  result of this process will be an Inner Harbor Specific Plan, which will   lay out the overall scope and general guidelines for what the City and   community envision for the Inner Harbor area, to achieve the  revitalization and productive use of properties and natural resources  within that area. The Task Force process offers the  opportunity for our community’s voice to be clearly heard, and their  ideas to be brought forward and shared in shaping the future of the  Inner Harbor Area.

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